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the officials. another excruciating loss for dantonio and victory was in their grasp. here is quint kessenich with bo pelini. >> quint: coach, what happened in the last drive? what didn't happen in the last drive? a crazy game. proud of our kids. they fought hard. give a lot of credit to michigan state too. it was a heck of a football game. we made a lot of mistakes and somehow we outlasted and able to make a play there at the end to win it. >> quint: take me inside of your mind. on fourth down you don't get it and may not get the ball back. what was going on in your mind? >> well, you know, we were going to win the game, you know? and i thought it was the right thing to do to go for it and i figured we could stop them on defense and we had all of our time-outs so that changed my thinkinging a little bit. >> quint: how do you best characterize the play of taylor martinez? >> big-time player. you know? he played his butt off today. so did a lot of other guys. but 3 was big time today. >> quint: congratulations, coach. >> sean: he was enormous most of the game on the ground with two long touchd
. here's quint kessenich. >> quint: coach pelini, saying congratulations. down 20-659 halftime. what did you emphasize at the break? >> like i said, going into it, about executing, and some of the things that we didn't do well. players, coaches, the like, and thought we came out, we got a little momentum going there in the second half. able to finish off. a lot of respect for this penn state football team and the kids, and i'm happy to get out of here with the win. >> quint: your fourth second half double digit comeback win. what is that like for you? >> not good for the ticker. but, i'll take it. you know, you know, it's a tough way to go. we can't keep living like this but i'll take the win. sean? >> sean: upon important win it is. they have an eye on the big ten championship game. whatever team wins the legends division is going to play wisconsin which clinched a trip to a championship game by virtue of his game today. neither ohio state nor penn state is eligible to play in the big ten championship game due to ncaa sanctions. so wisconsin, will play the winner of the legends division
me now to help break down the trading day and what you should be doing with your money, kwint, quint is joining me. we also have john buckingham of al frank asset management. thanks, everybody, for joining us. first, michelle, let me get your news, the latest on the attack out of israel on hamas. this, of course, another major news story today that we're following and the reason oil prices have spiked. >> the latest is the israelis have said there's going to be a lot more of what you've already seen. let's show you what's already happened. this video is incredible. it's released by the israeli defense forces. follow that car. what you'll see is not a car bomb. it is a targeted attack by the israeli air force. inside the military leader of hamas was directly targeted. this is operation pillar of defense. it was announced today on twitter by the israeli defense force. take a look at what the spokesperson posted on twitter. he said, we recommend no hamas operatives, whether low level or senior leaders show their face above ground in the days ahead. one of the reasons why oil spiked earl
" exchange. we welcome back michael pento, kwint tatro, jeff sika, and our own rick santelli. quint, you believe the market was going to go down either way. why? >> i do. i think this was long overdue. we have been propped up with some incertauncertainty. it's kept the market saying, are we going to get a change? it didn't matter who won. we've been facing pressure with earnings, and we saw it last friday when we had a decent jobs report. the pop and drop. we sold on good news, which is a very bearish signal. we have two months of overhead supply, and the market is very, very heavy and has been for some time. it's a long overdue correction. i think you have to take cover here. >> michael, we are seeing the kind of market action today -- the coal stocks, which have been up on hopes of a romney victory, are down sharply today. health care, which was down, perhaps because of a romney victory, is higher today. we are seeing a reaction to the election, aren't we? >> of course you are. that's exactly what i predicted. listen, america is now facing austerity. it was europe's turn. now it's amer
. >>> the quints orchard marching band plays their way to the top. they were crowned the winners of the maryland state championship this weekend earning the high score for best visual, best affect and best percussion. this is the third win for the band taking the prize in 2004 and 2008. the band played songs like stairway to heaven and all-american nightmare. >> i don't think we used the optimum microphone to record them. >> we know how great they were. >> the tape is a little slow it sounded like. >> a little staggered. >> don't start it, tony, please. i can't control. >> 7:31. tucker is here with a look at the weather. >> cold outside. temperatures back in the 30s. a cold couple days and it will be a chilly one with highs in the 50. definitely bring along a jacket. cool side for your monday. 42 in washington as mentioned. overnight a freeze warning. we never got to a freezing mark. we're plenty cold. 39 out at delles. and 37. cold start to the day. cloud cover to start the morning. the trend should be more and more sunshine here during the course of the day. decent afternoon with mostly sunny
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5